Gaskets are the Mechanical Seals which fills the space between two or more matting surfaces while compressed and sealed it 100% leakproof to avoid losses of the fluids or gases and makes the environment 100% safe.

Gaskets are made from various grade Rubber, some grades of plastic and Fluoropolymers like PIFE – ETFE – FKM – FFKM – etc. which are flexible able to compress for proper sealing. Some gaskets are made from plastic with graphite – carbon – metal or combination impregnated to makes it suitable for high temperature – corrosive – hazardous application.

Gaskets are used in hazardous chemical fumes protection, hot fumes protection, liquid and air/gas pressure protection in processing equipment, pressure sealing, glass-lined reactor, chemical reaction reactor, various piping flange connections, pump sealing etc.

Sheet gaskets are cut to the sizes and profiles as per sealing surface requirement from gasket sheets as per suitable material of the construction. The selection of MOC is depends on pressure, temperature, viscosity, grade of hazardless, etc. of the media like: steam, raw water, soft water, DM water, air, etc., type of media like: corrosive, acidic, alkaline, solvent, etc. with pressure – without pressure or vacuum and with or without temperature or at very low temperature.

General gasket sheet materials are graphite or carbon or PTFE or compound materials impregnated non-asbestos compressed fiber jointing sheets, PTFE sheets, polyurethane sheets, or solid material etc.

For pump rotating shaft sealing, there are square or round shape gland packings.

For high grade sealing, there are PTFE envelope gasket with various fillings,

Spiral wound gaskets made from various combination for fillers – Ceramic – PTFE – Mica Graphite, etc.  variety of styles suitable to difference flanges. Spiral wound gaskets are semi-metallic gaskets with high grade materials are being used.

For Hydraulic and Air equipment like: hydraulic & pneumatic cylinders, powerpack, hammers, vibrators, etc. the accessories like piston u-cups, wipers, sealing O-rings, V-packings, weir rings, etc. are also made from rubber and plastics.

Agility Engineering-Tech handles all these accessories and ready to help for selecting proper spare-parts and accessories.

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