Agility Engineering-Tech Co., Ltd. renders complete chain of Flow Equipment products taking care for all types of Industries such as: Power Plants (Thermal and Nuclear) – Upstream and Downstream – Sub Sea – Oil & Gas Wellhead (Surface Wellhead) – Petrochemical – Refinery – Chemical Industries – Mining – Desalination and Water system – Pharmaceutical – Pulp & Paper Mill – Textile(Synthetic Yarn and Texture Yarn) Plants – Waste Water Plants – Sugar Plants – etc.

Agility Engineering-Tech Co., Ltd. is manufacturing as well as trading – After Sales Service business firm with complete thorough knowledge of Industrial Valves – Control Valves – Actuators – Piping system with Pipe Fittings – Flanges – Related Instruments and Accessories. The firm has developed great business relationship with valve manufacturers.

We can help our customer to select proper equipment suitable specifications and maintain required parameters to handle and satisfy the process demand.

There are manual operated, pneumatic – hydraulic and electric operated control valves with ON/OFF style or modulating control style with positioner – controlled with earlier pressure range 3 to 15 psi (0.2 to 1.0 bar) and more commonly now with electric signals  4 to 20 mA for Industry and  0 to 10 volt for HVAC System. Electric control now often includes a “smart” communication signal superimposed on the 4-20mA control current, such that the health and verification of valve position can be signaled back to the controller. The HART, Fieldbus foundation and Profibus are the most common protocols

An automatic control valve consists of three main parts, in which each part exists in several type and designs:

  • Valve actuator – which moves the valve’s modulating elements, such as Ball or Butterfly.
  • Valve positioner – which ensures the valve has reached desired degree of opening. This overcomes the problem of friction and wear.
  • Valve body – in which the modulating element a plug, globe, ball or butterfly is contained.

The common control valves are:

  • Sliding Stem type – Globe Valves, Angle body valve & Angle Seat Piston Valve.
  • Rotary Stem Type – Ball and Butterfly Valve
  • Other Type – Pinch Valve and Diaphragm Valve

The fundamental function of Valve Positioner to deliver pressurized air to the valve actuator such that the position of the valve stem correspondence to the set point.

Agility Engineering-Tech Co., Ltd. focus on ultimate goal of customers satisfaction, product quality, safety, effectiveness, some customized applications like heating jackets adaptations, featuring various materials of construction, pressure ranges, end connections and following all standards to make easy for customers to select our products.

The main contents are:

  • Diaphragm Valves, Ball, Butterfly, Gate, Globe, Knife Gate, Plug, Bellow Sealed, Pressure Safety, Pressure Relief, Pressure Reducing, Balancing & Check valves.

Manual as well as Actuator Control valves.

  • For In-Line Filtration of Fluid or Gas/Air, there are Y-Strainers, Pot Strainers – (Single Pot and Double Pots- Duplex Strainers)
  • For Steam and Steam Pipelines, there are:

►Steam Traps – Disc Thermodynamic Steam Trap – With and Without Strainer, Bimetallic Steam Trap / Inverted Bucket Steam Trap, Float and Thermostatic Steam Trap.

►Blowdown Valves – Steam Condensate Bleeding valves for Boiler

►Steam Blow Off valve

►Automatic Continuous De-Salting Valves for Boiler

►Steam Conditioning Valves with Multifunctional Positioners

►Electrode based Electronic Level Controller for Boiler

►Modulating Electrode based Electronic Level Controller for Boiler

►Steam Water Mixing Valve and Accessories

►Water Level Indicator for Boiler


  • Oil and Gas Surface Wellhead Valve and Sub-Sea Valves
  • Sugar Industries Valves: Segment Ball Valves (Design for Throttling) (Half Ball with V-type Port) – Ball Valves – Teflon Lined Butterfly valves – Metal Seat Triple Eccentric Butterfly valves – Resilient seated Butterfly valves – Check Valves – Control Valve – ON/Off Valve – Manual Valves
  • Plastic Valves – Ball – Butterfly -Check Valve etc. in Various grade of Plastic – UPVC-CPVC-PP-ABS-PTFE-etc.
  • Water works Control Valves – Fire Protection Water Control Valves – Irrigation Water Control Valves – Mining Control Valves – Petroleum Industry Control Valves.
  • Rubber Expansion JointsPTFE Bellow Expansion JointFlexible Hoses – Stainless Steel – PTFE Lined
  • Tank Protection Equipment – Flame arresters – Breather – Bursting-Rupture Discs – Liquid Level Indicators – Sight Glasses – etc.
  • Pipes and Tubes – carbon Steel – Stainless steel and Alloy
  • Flanges – Fittings in all materials.

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