Agility Engineering-Tech Co., Ltd. has proud to put a step ahead for development and manufacturing spare-parts for Textile Machinery. We are manufacturing almost all parts for textile machinery except some parts to arrange in trading with quality material and in time delivery.

Agility Engineering-Tech is manufacturing following spare-parts and if get chance, ready to expand its activity further for new machinery parts.

  • Reiter-Scragg Texturing machine spare-parts
  • Developed and manufactured Complete Assembly of Positorqe-5 SDS 1200 Twisting unit, with supply spare-parts;

Body Housing – Spring and Gate Housing, Driving spindles adjustable and fixed – Timing belt Pulleys – Friction Rollers – Ceramic Knife Disc – Cera soft G Friction Disc – Hard Chrome Coated Yarn Guide disc – Wharves assembly – Cam Range 1 to 6 and 2 to 5, Cam Plate – Cam Latch, Input and Output guide plate assembly, Belt Guard, Bearing spacers, Wave washers, Disc Washers, Height Adjustment Screw, etc.

  • Slide Rails Top & Bottom, Top Rail, Feed Back Profile Plate in Steel, Tailing Wire Assembly, Feed Back Rod, Modified End Cap, Plastic Coupling, Yarn Guide Round and square, Cam Follower, Solid Ceramic Disc for Friction unit, Guide Holder Bracket 2-3 Ply, Ceramic Roller Bearing Bracket 2-Ply, Suction Tube Sleeve SDS Bottom, etc.
  • Murata DY Oil Trays – Murata Gum Rings – TR SDS Shafts and Coupling with Coupling Flexible PU Elements – Take Up Rollers – Plastic Air tank (separate) with Frame Separate, Oil Rollers, Aluminum Applicator Guide, etc.
  • Muratec Texturing machine Spare-Parts
  • Cam Shoe, Slider, Belt Pulley, Traverse Guide, Yarn Cutter, Spindles, Centering Disc(right & left), Traverse Cam, Twister case, Centering Disc, Cradle, Twister Holder, Spacer, Dumper, Coupling, Roller arm, Ceramic Holder, Twister disc, Yarn Sensor, All types of Ceramic Guides, etc.
  • Barmag – ICBT – RPR Texturing Friction Units – Spare Parts:
  • ICBT– Venturi, Nip Roller shaft, Rubber Ring, Sleeves, Anti-glare, Protection for Bearing, Protection for shaft, Thread Guide Support, Plastic Connecting Rod, coupling for motor spindle, Coupling for FTF082, etc.
  • Barmag – Yarn Separator plate, Joint shaft, Air Jet Nozzle, Yarn Feeder, Godet Wheel assembly, Yarn Sensor, Yarn Cutter, Traverse Guide Ceramic, Air Jet Connector, ACW Roller Bearing, Adaptor Regulator, High Quality Apron, Brake shoe, Swivel Arm, Coupling, Guide, Head of Yarn Suction, Centering Disc, Pneumatic Lifting Screw Rod, SPIN PACK, Base, tangle guide iron piece, Electronic Parts, Nylon Tube Core, etc.
  • RPR – Nip Roller, Centering Disc, Slider, Gears, Feeding and Take up shaft, Traverse Guide, frame, Ceramic, Friction Disc, Plastic & Rubber, Pneumatic and Actuator, Dowtherm Heater, etc.
  • Winding Machine–Autoconer Spare Parts–Schlafhorst Model: 238, 338, SE7-SE12, etc.
  • Magnetic Coil, Clamping Lever, Stepper Motor 36001-886135006, Opening roller, Compensating Lever, Actuator Lever, Rubber cots, Metal textile cutter, Twin Disc, Rotor cup, Drum Shaft with Magnet, Deflection plate, Membrane, Ceramic deep groove ball bearing, Rotor Components, Naval Ceramic Nozzle, Angle gear, Cam, Suction Nozzle, All ceramic Guides, etc.
  • Open End Reiter BT 923 Spare Parts:
  • Bearing for Pressing Rollers 73-1-49 and 73-1-28, Pressing Roller Bakelite, Bearing for Rubber Cots, Complete wire (Ceramic Guide with Plastic Fitting), Lever Part No. E4931781, Lubricating Pipe Adaptor, Naval Nozzle Ceramic CR7RS, Opening Roller, Pin of Spring, Twist Fix Ceramic Guide, U-Segment Ceramic Guide, All ceramic Guide, etc.
  • Kamitsu Re-doubling Winder Spare-Parts:
  • Drum Shaft, Driving Head Pulley, Bobbin holder, Bobbin Support, Pawl, Main lever, Starting lever, Feeler Wire, Re Doubling winder stop Motion, Lifting Lever, Bobbin Holder Assembly, Lifting Lever Small roller and Nylon Roller, Lower Pan/Upper Pan, Starting Handle, Ratchet Bar, Tension Device, etc.

Same as above, we are dealing with following machine spare-parts:

  • Ring Spinning Frames–Toyota RX300–Reiter G5, G60,G33, K43,K44, K44/1
  • Ring Spinning Frame – Zinser
  • Draw Frames: Reiter – Howa – Textool – Trutzschler – Texteema – Vouk – Marzolil.
  • Blow Room Spare-Parts
  • Comber spare Parts
  • Roving frame spare Parts
  • TFO Spare Parts

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