Agility Engineering-Tech Co., Ltd. is handling trading and stocking business for Industrial Instrumentation and various control devices.

Agility Engineering-Tech Co., Ltd. supply and take care for after sale-service for customers ease and satisfaction. We are dealing with:

ALICAT – USA – Flow Meter / Controllers / Calibrators for gas and liquid, Pressure Controller, Pressure/Vacuum Transducer and Gauges.

EVCO – Italy – Every control for Refrigeration Systems, Controllers for Catering, Industrial Programmable Controllers, Plant Monitoring and Supervision system via Web, Parameter Manager as a Set of Software system, Data Printing and Acquisition system, Probe, Transducer, Protectors and safety devices.

Nuova Fima, Italia Pressure Gauges, Differential Pressure Gauge with Double Burdon Tubes, Differential Pressure switches, Diaphragm Seal for High Pressure, Bar Stock Manifolds, Thermometer local mounting, Thermometer with Electric Contacts, Pressure Transmitter with local readout, Various Thermowells, etc.

Radix Instruments – DP 2-Wire Transmitters, Transducer, Indicators, Controllers, Wireless Transmitter – Receiver System ( RTD Transmitter – RH + T Transmitter – Repeater, RTD Thermocouple Transmitter, Level Transmitter – All with: RS485/MODBUS RTU – Transmitters Surface and head design – RTD pt100 – Thermocouple J, K, T, E, R, S, B, N – Range up to 120 meters outdoor line of Sight up to 40 meters indoor/urban; Repeater to extend range, Receiver with USB Port and RS485 Converter, Free utility software ZGU201, Full Featured SCADA option, Battery Life minimum 1-Year, Transmit interval: 2 to 3600 seconds, RF Strength mapping services optional.

Radix – Door Interlock Controllers – up to 16 doors – ARM Processor based – Configure using Ethernet or USB – Flexi Doors Grouping – Visual and Audio Indications – Flameproof Option – Easy Third-Party Integration – RS485/MODBUS / Ethernet Communications. Electromagnetic Door Locks, Holding Force 600lbs/280kgs, 12VDC Supply, Rust Protection, Options for Protection: Regular – IP67 – Flameproof, Emergency Switches, No-Touch Switches.


Radix – Dial Thermometers-Bimetallic Sensing Element-(-)50 to 400°C – IP68, Temperature sensors (Miniature Pipeline RTDs) pt100 3-Wires (Other Option), -Range: – 50 to 250°C, Class A/Higher Accuracy, 4 to 20 mA on request.   Sanitary RTDs and Thermocouple – Polypropylene Head, Aluminium Head, ATEX Head and SS Mini Head, pt100 3-Wires (Other Option), -Range: – 50 to 250°C, Class A/Higher Accuracy, 4 to 20 mA on request.

Radix Temperature Sensor

1) Autoclave / Steam Sterilizers–Silicon Rubber Jacketed Cable, Teflon Insulated cable, Teflon Insulated Tip – pt100 3/4 wires, Range: – 50 to 150°C, Class A/Higher Accuracy.

2) Dry Heat Sterilizer – pt100 3/4 wires, Range: – 50 to 265°C, Class A/Higher Accuracy

3) Tunnel Validation – T or K type calibration, Range: up to 360°C, Class 1

4) Lyophilize & Deep Freezer – pt100 3 wires, Range: -100 to 200°C, Class A Copper/Constant T-Type Thermocouple, -100 to 200°C, Class A, Teflon Tip

5) RTD with M12 Male Connector, pt100 3 wires, Range: -100 to 200°C, Class A

6) RTDs for processing Vessels and Pipes: For temperature measurements in tubes – Copper/Constant T-Type Thermocouple, -100 to 200°C, Class A

7) RTD with G1/2” Hygienic – pt100 3 wires, Range: -100 to 200°C, Class A

8) RTD WITH INGOLD PORT – pt100 3 wires, Range: -100 to 200°C, Class A

9) Surface Temperature Sensor – Clamp-On RTD – SS Mounting Clamp, SS Pod, Detachable sensor, Range: -100 to 200°C, Class A

10) Pipe Line RTDs: With weld-in Connection, Clamp in & Sanitary Tri Clover RTD  Radix HVAC and Gas Temperature Measurement Sensors:  1) Indoor / Outdoor 2) RTD for Air & Gas  3) Air/Gas Duct temperature measurement 4) Thermowell Assemblies – Tubular Fitting used to protect Sensor 5) Validation Port – Slots for 18-RTDs/TC, 1.5” Tri Clover Mounting, Up to 150 °C 3-bar 6) General Purpose assembly: pt100, 3/4 wire, Range: -50 to 400°C, Class A RHG Series for Weatherproof and RFG series for Flameproof models.

Radix PID Controllers: Full Featured, Digital Display, Analog Output, 2 to 5 Set points, 85 to 265 VAC 50/60Hz / 20 to 35 VDC, Models: X96P, X96, X72, X48, X49, X94, P96, P48 and NEX401   Radix Programmable Temperature/Process Controllers / Indicators.

– Some of have RS485/MODBUS RTU – Digital Display, Analog Out-Put, 85 to 265 VAC 50/60Hz, Models: X96A (Single/Dual Channel), X72A, X48A, X49A, X94A, TC96, TC72, TC48, TC49, TC49SU, TEC401, TEC201, EC96, EC72, EC48, EC96S, EC48S, EC396, EC348 and FLT601.

Radix 2-Wire Transmitters:  Microprocessors – Models: SCC631, SCC641. SCC642, SCC632, SCC602, SCC632 and SCC633 – Output: 4 – 20 mA  Analog – Models: TX1HM, TX1DR, SCC621, TX2DR and TX3DR – Output: 4 – 20 mA Radix – Calibrators – Precision Calibrator Radical and Universal Portable Calibrator – Microcal. Other Products: Handheld Thermometers, Level Gauges, Level Switches, Level Transmitter, Level Controllers, Electromagnetic Flow Meters, Ultrasonic Flow meter, Transducers, Paddle Wheel Flow Meters, Thermal Dispersion Flow switch, Flotect Flow switch, Pressure Gauges, Signal Isolators, Analog Input Modules, Protocol Converters and Gate way, etc.

HANSEO – Hot Water Meters, Wet Water Meters, Industrial Digital Calorimeter, WIKA –  Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge, Electrical Type Thermometer, Gas Actuated Temperature Gauge

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